• Friendly, professional manager on-site
  • Month to month rentals
  • Dust controlled units available
  • Easy access, park in front of units
  • No application/administrative fees
  • Electronic Gates
  • Security video monitoring
  • Fortress Design
  • Brick/concrete outer walls
  • Clean and well lighted


Extra closet for personal items & important records


2 one-car garage one bedroom apartment with records, furniture, boxes


one car garage three bedroom house furnishings, appliances


walk-in closet small amounts of furnishings, supplies


2/3 one-car garage two bedroom apartment appliances, furniture boxes


Some with 9 foot doors, furnishings of larger homes commercial inventory, records

Question: Do I need a reservation?

Answer: No. You may drop in the office during any of the office hours and rent without any reservation.

Question: How do I pay the rent?

Answer: Any way you want to pay. Many people today prefer to have us debit their account to insure that they are never late. You may also have the option to pay with check, cash, cashier's check, money order, MasterCard or Visa.

Question: When is the rent late?

Answer: The 10th of the month. Rent is due on the 1st day of each month, but we give you 10 days to get the payment to the office. After that, the rent is late.

Question: Who has access to my unit?

Answer: Only you. You put your lock on the door and you keep all the keys. The managers do not have access to your space.

Question: Can my spouse or family members get into my unit?

Answer: Only with your help. You have the gate code and the only keys. It is up to you who will be able to enter your unit.

Question: Do you insure my property?

Answer: No. Our insurance cannot cover your stored items because we do not have access to your space. We will provide you with a brochure from a company that specializes in self-storage insurance. Some homeowner's or apartment renter's insurance may cover your storage. It is worth making an inquiry with you insurance agent.

Question: Who will know which one is my unit?

Answer: Only you, the mangers, and anyone you tell. We do not give out any information about you. We do not even tell anyone if you rent a space.

Question: What happens to the records and contracts after I vacate?

Answer: They are shredded. We do not throw anything away that could reveal any information about you. Confidentiality and security are as important to us as they are to you.

Question: Are there items that I cannot store?

Answer: Yes. You cannot store hazardous waste, chemicals, animals, drugs, illegal goods, used tires, flammable materials, stolen property, explosives, firearms, any item that produces an odor, i.e., things you do not want to have next to your goods.

Question: What is your privacy policy?

Answer: We do not make public any lists, any phone numbers, addresses, email or other identifying data about you.